Hello, I’m Mute.

Wow, been a long time since I’ve written something! My deepest, heartfelt apologies for the emptiness I have caused you all to feel.

A lot has happened lately, from injured horses, to getting a puppy, being sick.. But by far the worse was the Laryngitis! I lost my voice for 4 days. My own silent hell. Anybody who knows me knows that I can talk under wet cement, so this was a struggle. Unfortunately for my jackaroo, he was working up north for a few weeks and didn’t get to enjoy the silence haha. But he might be home this weekend. Yay! It’s hard being apart for 6 or 8 weeks at a time, but it keeps things interesting. It’s always great when he gets home. It’s like banging your head up against a wall – it feels good when you stop. While he’s been gone I’ve been spending a lot of time with my dog, Pierre. He is a Border Collie and the funniest little thing. I took him, (and a 6-pack), down to the river the other day and he went straight in the water. What a little champ.

Yes.. I realise this blog is a little dull. However, it should get a little more exciting soon, over Christmas we will be breaking in a mob of young horses! I have halter broken, driven and handled them from the ground, but hopefully this year I’ll be able to give a couple their first ride! Also, I will be going on my first mustering job with my jackaroo in January. Will be heading to a station 8hrs north of here to muster and process cattle for a week. So exciting! I wonder if I should take my hair straightener? I’m sure the cattle will feel more comfortable being handled by someone who takes care of themselves, right? Lol.

What are your Christmas traditions? It’s hard when your family lives on both sides of the country! Everyone demands time from you! Means I don’t get to spend Christmas with my fella. Sigh. Got him a genius present too. I wonder what he’s getting me? Apparently it’s expensive… Yay! HAHA. I’m sure you lot will hear about it soon enough…

Anyway. Better keep moving. No rest for the wicked(ly awesome). Ciao for meow 😉

Smile, Pierre!