As Happy as a Dog in Mud

Just a quick one today! The other weekend I went down to the river to check out the water level and damage from the Jan/Feb floods. I took one of the 6 month old collie pups, Opera – named for her Phantom of the Opera shaped white mask on her face. I love dogs. It’s great watching them play. Especially Opera! Down by the river she was digging up shells and throwing them – then catching them. One of the happiest dogs I know. Check out that face! IMG_6827

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  1. Hi! Thank you very much, I’d like to think my stories are interesting- and that’s all that matters right? Hah! Yes she is very funny! Your dog pushes your office chair around? That is hilarious, I hope to see photos of her on your blog.

  2. Thanks for checking my site. I love your site and blogs. Great photos. Cute dog, looks like she would be a lot of fun. I have a happy one too. She will push anything with wheels like my office chair. I’m getting her a skateboard. Will be back to check your site.

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