I got a day off!

Weekends normally mean more work for me. More enjoyable work, mind you, I’d much rather be outside than in the office. Last weekend, however, was different – well one of the days anyway! Since it’s been getting warmer, and the days longer, I have been itching to get down to the river. In summer that’s where I (would) like to spend my days, relaxing by the cool water, watching whichever dogs I brought with me running around and playing. This time I brought Dodge, and Sid with me. Dodge is over a year old, and Sid is around 8-9 months old. I took some photos of our adventure to share with my favourite bloggers.

The next day we were to muster Jackaroo’s Pa’s property to send some cattle to the sales. In the ‘mountain paddock’ we had some trouble with the cattle who decided they didn’t want to obey the dogs or horses. There were only about 50 head of cattle, so we had 2 dogs and both Jackaroo and myself on our trusty steeds. Well, mine was trusty – my sweet sweet Perseverance. Jackaroo was riding a green mare. For the city folk – not green green. A green horse means it hasn’t had much work and is very fresh, ie – on the good feed all day, so green poop. Due to Jackaroo being on an inexperienced horse and having difficult cattle, I stayed behind the mob with the dogs to make sure everything kept following him. Anyway, the cattle were pushing past the dogs and we often had to gallop to the lead of the mob to turn them around. At one stage, when I was cantering up the hill, we came across a crop of granite boulders. One was straight in our path, Percy and I disagreed which way we were going to go round it, so we flew over it! Our horses certainly learn to get good footing when mustering. It’s amazing how much of a difference it makes to a horse. If I was riding a horse that had only ever lived in a small flat paddock instead, both of us would’ve surely hit the dirt. Mustering horses are strong and tough and have to think for themselves when we’ve got our eyes on the cattle going flat strap. When we finally got the cattle to the yards, we drafted and tagged a small group to send to the sales. The next day we then went to the cattle sales to see how they sold. They were mainly some older cows and some cranky ones. There was one calf that I couldn’t resist taking a photo with as he was very cute! I thought you guys might appreciate it.

Enjoy the photos, and keep an eye out in the next couple of days for my stories from the 2013 Gympie Muster where I was media once again. I got to interview some great artists.

Jillaroo out.

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  1. Yes it was lovely! It certainly is fun, much more interesting than riding the trails. Haha oh we’ve all done that! My show-off trick is making my horse lay down. They love it! I totally recommend teaching your horse than for your city slicker friends πŸ˜‰ Thanks for stopping by πŸ˜€

  2. Hi Bianca, thanks for your comment πŸ™‚ And thanks! They are two of my favourites, Dodge and Sid. We have a LOT of canine children – Molly, Gemma, Edge, Storm, Zyrtec, Dodge, Sid, Bruno, Billy, Macca and Hank. With working dogs, you have to come up with names that don’t rhyme, so they can tell who you’re talking to. Makes it difficult sometimes! Thanks again for your visit πŸ™‚

  3. Hello Jess,

    What amazing work you’re doing. Great pics too – they let us see what it’s really like…!
    And Dodge and Sid – such cool names! And super cute dogs!

  4. Thanks Chad, hopefully the cameraman can get them sorted soon for me! I interviewed some great Aussie Artists such as McAlister Kemp and Jasmine Rae.
    Thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚

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