Jillaroo Jess at the Gympie Muster 2013

Greetings, city slickers and country bumpkins!

My videos from the Gympie Muster have not yet been edited so I thought I would share a couple of pics from the event of your favourite redhead (me, obviously..) and Yas, the frontwoman of the band Playback. The two photos I’ve attached are of Yas and I on the McAlister Kemp truck which seats 12 people! I was lucky enough to interview Troy Kemp and Drew McAlister, and I sat in on an interview that Yas did with Adam Brand – who is a household name in Australia.

Hoping to have some videos up for you guys soon, stay tuned 🙂

The 12-seater beast that McAlister Kemp rolled up in.
The 12-seater beast that McAlister Kemp rolled up in.
Yas and Jillaroo Jess interview Adam Brand
Yas and Jillaroo Jess interview Adam Brand

9 Replies to “Jillaroo Jess at the Gympie Muster 2013”

  1. Hi Makaela. Yes I remember you! How are you going? I have the same green bullseye shirt which I love haha! Your post on the muster is great! Yes, it’s hard when you get so many interviews, takes forever to put together. Especially when some weren’t as free-flowing as others! I don’t think there’s any up yet! I just research and interview, the team at the Australian Institute of Country Music put the videos together. Thanks, your blog catches my interest too. I love that you cover all country events, like campdrafting etc. Keep up the good work 🙂

  2. Hey there Jess,
    I briefly met you at Gympie this year in the media area. I was there interviewing for Country Update mag, and covering for the Qld Country Life (that I see you mention in one of your latest posts featuring Jackaroo). Check out the pics on my own blog (http://ilbilbietoanywhere.com/2013/08/30/gympie-music-musters-top-10-acts/) to see if you remember me! Haha. I’ve still a got a few of my Gympie interviews to right up – time has gotten away! Have you got your videos up yet? Love the look of your blog. Really interested to keep reading. 🙂

  3. Hi Mike. Yes it must have a massive motor in it! Apparently, the truck gets hired out to different people for PR. Somebody told me the All Blacks had it all painted up not long ago.
    I probably would’ve been tempted to stay at the beach too, the weather was fantastic! You probably would have, people tell me that I’m hard to miss – 5ft10 with long red hair! If you happen to see me around on one of your adventures, make sure you introduce yourself 🙂

  4. Mcalister Kemp’s truck is a beast of a thing, they passed me going up a steep hill on the way to Sydney after Tamworth, my little old ute was struggling and that beast went cruising straight past like it was on the flat.
    I was thinking of going to gympie, but decided to stay on the beach a few more days instead …might have met you if I had gone.

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