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I just read the most distressing news. Once again, a bureaucrat in an office somewhere has decided to make like even more difficult for farmers than it already is. It is concerning the keeping of working dogs in Victoria, Australia. I am not from Victoria, but all Australians deserve a fair go, and often other states follow suit with these sorts of things.

Basically, if you have 3 intact females on your property you are now a breeder and will have to follow strict regulations on the keeping of your dogs. Farmers generally do not neuter their animals as it can affect their working ability, and really, if you have a good dog – you’ll want another one day! I won’t babble on, but if you are interested in finding out more, check out the link below.

Save the Working Dog in Victoria Petitionimg_3782.jpg

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  1. Yes I can understand the problem that you write of! It just goes to show that laws are only for the law abiding.
    I don’t think it could be waived for working animals, as it is targeting the working animals. I guess only time will tell.
    That article is shocking! 116 horses on 12 acres? Poor things 🙁

  2. We have similar issues on this side of the Big Pond. As someone who has had to trap, neuter/spay, vaccinate and find homes for unwanted animals that have spilled onto and procreated on my farm, I can sympathize with wanting to keep down the animal population. There are also people who dump or move out from under large animals such as horses here, or just don’t take care of them. Want to adopt a horse? Go see the County Sheriff here. It is not just a problem of too many dogs, or cats. A bad economy hurts more than people, and bad judgement needs regulation. On the other hand, you, and others like you, are the responsible owner of working animals with a specific purpose. Seems like there must be some way you and other responsible farmers could get a waiver for your animals, or change the law to be more reasonable to people with working animals. Keep talking to your legislators. Work to find the common ground, and a sensible solution to a common problem.

    The article below is particulary heartbreaking:

  3. If it makes you feel better, it’s the same all around the world. We’ve got laws like that here, too. They are trying to pass one that requires farmers to take extra steps to keep their chickens from coming in contact with wild birds. The goal is to minimize salmonella exposure, but the end result will be that we have to lock our chickens up in barns instead of letting them graze the pastures with the cows (which is healthier for everyone!).

  4. Exactly, and this law would simply root out the good ones. The bad ones are already breaking laws, what do they care if they break a few more? I feel that making new laws is not the answer – enforcing old ones is the answer.

  5. I agree with every part of your comment. It is definitely getting out of hand. Where is it going to stop? There’s a bad one in every bunch. But there’s plenty more good people than bad with animals.

  6. It’s ridiculous!! It seems intended to stop puppy farmers, but surely this should be based on the number of puppies sold and not the number of intact dogs? How a farmer would ever manage all that, I don’t know… Things are getting so out of hand that animal lovers and farmers are forced to stand against animal welfare groups.

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