Save a Horse, Ride a Mechanical Bull?

Howdy folks!

It seems like the majority of my posts are apologising for not posting often. Once again – I’m sorry. I promise I’ll make it up to you though!

Life is crazy in the Pilbara. I’ve now been here for 4 months and am loving it. It’s certainly an adjustment, but I do not regret coming over one little bit. A lot of people who live here are from the city and just come for the work. I often hear complaints on how it is so remote and has little to offer in the way of shops. However, to me it’s the big smoke! The last place I lived in had one pub and a post office/general store. What could be better than swimming, snorkelling and fishing in crystal clear waters, adventuring by 4wd to remote gorges and exploring this rugged countryside? I am a lucky girl!

A couple of weeks ago there was a ‘rodeo’ themed night at one of the pubs around here. They had been advertising it for weeks, saying that everyone was going to dress up and that there was a mechanical bull going to be there. I thought “You beauty! I get to wear normal clothes again!”

How wrong I was.

I pulled on my favourite Ariat boots, my ‘good’ wrangler shirt, my silver buckled belt and donned my dirty old Akubra – which has oil stains on it from hitting my head in the cattle yards so many times. However, I figured this wasn’t exactly a country town, so I wore some shorts to jazz things up. I walked into the pub. A hundred faces turned to stare at me – the only one dressed up. Here was Jess in her boots and hat, sticking out like a sore thumb, among the other women with their coiffed hair and heels. Not even the bar staff were dressed up! Lesser cowgirls would’ve turned around and gone home, but I saw this as a challenge! The few country people that were there came up to me for a chat. The most notable was a bull rider (who commended me on my mechanical bull riding, I must add), and a man in an RM Williams shirt with a very impressive mullet!

All in all, it was a great night, and I didn’t have to buy a drink the whole time… Challenge completed.

Save a Horse, Ride a Mechanical Bull


14 thoughts on “Save a Horse, Ride a Mechanical Bull?

    • Thanks Lavinia! Aww that’s lovely that you thought about me! 🙂 Work is definitely different in a construction based, male dominated town. It’s actually great working with all blokes, there’s no dramas!

  1. Great to read from you again, Jess. Great photo as well! Sounds like a nice natural place that you are in. Was curious….when I first came across your site, I caught up with some of the country music video interviews you did….do you ever think of doing that again/do you miss that? I thought you were good on camera!

    Anyhoo, stay cool and hydrated…in whatever form. 😉

    • Hi Chad, I knew you’d comment on this haha! Good to be back! It is a very interesting place here. Yes, I hope to get out and about and interview some people later this year. Being in such a remote place (literally in the middle of the desert), there’s few country music festivals around. I possibly may be doing a few phone interviews soon too, and maybe even putting my own songs up! Aww thanks, that’s lovely! I do enjoy it 🙂
      Haha you know it! 😉

  2. That is a funny story Jess.Good on you for staying there and having a good time. Life is full of experiences isn’t it? xx

  3. Hey Jess…..hope you are well and keeping busy I imagine! Had a question when you have the chance…and wanted to ask an Aussie “local”, ha. AMC’s Hell on Wheels is about to start up for its fourth season and one of the lead characters is played by Australian actress Robin McLeavy….is she fairly well-known in your country (either before or now)? I’m always curious to know the back-story of actors/actresses who come to North America to work.


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