Best Co-Pilot Ever

[In my opinion] I am the best co-pilot ever. Is it my continual guide-like commentary of everything we pass? Is it the way I give directions 2 streets too late? Maybe my angelic voice, singing most of the way? Some may call this annoying. I call it a ‘youthful exuberance’. I just loooove driving! Just rattle the keys and I’ll jump in the ute.

The Thursday before easter, Jackaroo and I drove 11hrs from muggy Queensland to freezing Central Western New South Wales. We were heading down to pick up his prized new colt, who I like to call Big Pete. The trip down there was great. Despite having to leave in the early morning, we were both excited to get down to Dubbo, where we had planned to stay the night. It’s amazing how different most of the properties down there are. Most seemed to be sheep properties with long tree-lined driveways, just like you see in the movies. Unlike Queensland where the driveways are lined with rusty old Holdens and obsolete farm machinery! We even passed a property where the 50 or so head of sheep had rugs on! I assume they had fine wool, and the rugs kept it clean (feel free to correct me in the comments if you’re in the know). Apart from laughing while my brother got chased by a ram once, I’ve never had anything to do with sheep. It would be interesting to learn about the animals, and the methods they employ to manage a sheep property. Though I still think I’d prefer cattle! The old shearing sheds look beautiful set in the granite boulder studded countryside. Would be amazing to explore.

As a whole, the New South Wales countryside seems a whole lot neater than its Queensland counterpart. The paddocks are neater, the towns are cuter, the roads are smoother. New South Wales does, however, seem to have the most quirky and seemingly silly names for towns and properties! We passed Wee Waa, Binnaway, Goonoo Goonoo, and my personal favourite – Dunnedo, which is pronounced Dunny-Do (dunny being Aussie slang for the toilet). Childish of me, yes, but as I said earlier – ‘youthful exuberance’. Queensland does have it’s fair share of strange names too. Down the coast from us we have Mt Mee – a place where the locals cop a bit of slack from their choice of residence.

We stayed one night near Dubbo, packed up the new colt the next morning and headed to Tamworth to see some friends. Would’ve been great to be able to have more of a look through the town. Alas, early next morning we had to leave again for home.

After 24hrs of driving – a 2200km round trip – we were exhausted and keen to hop into our own bed and sleep. However, chose to go to the pub instead. Typical Queenslanders.

DSC_0061-1 DSC_0043

Hostess with the mostess – JESS!

Ahh.. I love showtime. Is it the atmosphere? The dagwood dogs (I had 5 over the 3 days LOL)? Or drinks with friends at the Cattleman’s Bar? Probably a combination of them all. I am the Show Hostess of the largest regional show in QLD, and it’s GREAT FUN! This was the third year I’ve worked in this role, and in a nutshell it means I take care of the sponsors and dignitaries to ensure that they come back next year! I have learnt many things as the hostess, such as how to sash a cow with style, in STILETTOS!

This year I took my jackaroo’s ute in the ute competition. For those of you who don’t know what a ‘ute’ is, it’s Aussie slang for ‘utility’, I think Americans call them trucks, or pickups? Anyhoosers, I won ‘Best Feral Ute’. The sash and trophy are proudly displayed in my house. However, my jackaroo didn’t find it so amusing! In the machinery parade my driving skills didn’t impress the committee much though, but the crowd sure liked it! Vroom.. Vroom.. Vroom.. Schreeeeeeeeeeeeechhhhhhhh…

By the end of the 3 days, after rocking amazing outfits and heels, my feet were KILLING me! I could not wait to slip my jeans, boots and acubra on for the rodeo. Felt like walking on clouds. As much as I love dressing up, there’s nothing quite like pulling on my wranglers and ariats.

All in all, it was another great show, and I’m looking forward to next year 🙂

Say your goodbyes, crayfish!