Bridge Over Untroubled Waters

All is well on the stock route, Jackaroo sent me these photos last night. They’re currently stuck in a stock reserve for a couple of days while, one again, mobs ahead sort themselves up. Normally you have to move 10kms per day along the stock route, so a stock reserve is a designated area where you can rest your cattle for a day or two. It has water there, but no cattle yards there. This one that they are in at the moment, is fenced on two sides, with a road and the river as a natural boundary.

The cattle moved really well over the bridges apparently. As you can see in the first photo, when working cattle, you push smaller sections at a time rather than try to push the whole mob at once. If you are trying to guide more than a handful of cattle into yards or over a bridge, pushing the whole mob won’t work as you don’t have control over the front. The front could head off to one side or plant themselves in one spot, sending the middle of the mob back around you. It’s hard to explain, but there really is an art to working cattle – it can be tough!

I’ve also attached a photo of ‘Kitty’, the cat that thinks he’s a horse, walking along the old cattle yards at home last night – since I have nothing too interesting to say haha!

A horseman pushes cattle across a bridge.
Cattle take a drink before they move on.
And this is the best photo I can offer from my time at home. Lol!

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  1. Thanks Valda! Was my blog listed in the paper? Oh that’s great, your blog looks really interesting. Coming from a horse and cattle property, I’m interesting in how cropping properties work. Thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚

  2. It sure is, Nathalia. I’m lucky to live in Aus! Oh how exciting for you! Life on the land can be hard on relationships, but I love it. Best of luck, thanks for checking out my blog πŸ™‚

  3. WOW an amazing blog, been reading the Victorian farmers Weekly Times came across an article on women blogger in the country, came by. I am on a grain property in Victoria and have started a blog to keep the family informed on farm happenings. Love your photo’s and the amazing property views. Well done congratulations. I am a Nana and blog mainly for the grandies.

  4. I’ve seen some photos about all the snow in certain areas over there! It’s so foreign to me – I don’t envy you at all! Hopefully things ease up and make your life a bit easier for you. Haha yes he sure does! Forget ‘it’s a dog’s life’, cats have got the easiest lives!

  5. Yeah, it seems all the mobs of cattle were at a stand still! Hopefully everyone stays safe and there’s no accidents in your area. Jackaroo’s mob just got moving again on the weekend – but he’s now headed home for our adventure to WA πŸ™‚

  6. You’re moving cattle in good weather, and meanwhile, we’ve got snow on the ground. Chris, Tori, and Nicky, two of our vets and a vet tech, were working cattle high up in the mountains and had to deal with snow flurries, mountain passes, and a whole lotta mud. Somehow I think your cat has the best deal of us all!

  7. The mobs around here are getting a little congested too. One mob is doing a circuit around our roads as they wait for others to move on. Between drovers and headers it is getting hard to drive to town at the moment πŸ™‚

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